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About Us

Hey there, we are Clara and Nany, the founders of Taixtile.

With the choice of the name we already alluded to the idea of our project: Textile time travelling in and around Aachen, but also far beyond.
Aachen is called Aix-la-Chapelle in French. That’s where the “aix” in Taixtile comes from. We use the history of our hometown as part of our inspiration for various projects because, besides Charlemagne who has shaped the cityscape of Aachen so much, the textile industry has also left its mark.

Nowadays, this old industry has vanished from Aachen, but through our work, we hope to dive into the past and revive our great passion for old textiles, old handicrafts, and craftsmanship. We desire to bring back to life the past and possibly forgotten techniques of our ancestors. We appreciate the cultural and historical significance of clothing and want to engage with it!

Rückseite des Aachener Doms, fotografiert aus der Richtung des Katschhofs
The Aachen Cathedral

Furthermore, we are both design engineers with degrees in fashion and textiles. Our studies have given us the knowledge of modern manufacturing techniques, but while modern equipment and machines have their own value and have brought us very far as people, it is the old crafts and techniques that fascinate us the most. We would like to integrate both into our work.

We look forward to taking you on our journey through time into the world of textiles and fashion and exploring this vast and fascinating subject!

Clara & Nany
Clara & Nany

I’m Clara, a design engineering student in the field of fashion and clothing at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein.

For several years I have been interested in historical clothing and how it was produced, sewn and worn. I have also sewn many historical garments myself, which gives me a lot of pleasure!

In the last year my interests have expanded, and now I am also involved in the historical production of lace, be it knitted lace, bobbin lace or needle lace. It is exciting to see and explore how intricate some dresses of that time were designed and how much work went into them.

I would love to revive some of that through my work and create a new awareness of the clothes we wear and buy in our current time.

My name is Nany. I am a design engineer in the field of textiles. My areas of expertise are in the design of the textile surface, whether it is classically woven, printed, knitted, or yet created in a completely different way.

My fascination for textiles has made me aware of the various handicraft techniques, which in their most beautiful execution can usually only be admired in museums. Quickly I was captivated by the idea to become active myself and to try out one or the other technique and to revive it.

I look forward to many hours of fine craftsmanship, detailed elaboration of our ideas and time travelling adventures.