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Taixtile Podcast – Ep. 1: Our Historical Knitting Projects

Welcome to the first episode of the Taixtile Podcast! We decided to make a podcast where we talk about historical clothing and needlework, like knitting, crocheting, bobbin lace making and many more. We want to talk about our projects, about historical facts and present you some textile techniques.

In this first podcast episode, we tell you a little bit more about who we are, what we study or do for a living, and how we met. We also tell you about the meaning of the term “Taixtile”.

Done & Delighted

Sportive Spirit Vest Back

Clara is happy to show you her own design – a vest, inspired by fitted knitwear from the 1890s and 1900s.

The vest is knit from the bottom up. The use of short rows on the front hem creates the typical pointed shape of 19th century bodices. The front and back pieces are knit in one, without any side seams. After finishing these, the shoulders are joined together and ribbing is added to the armholes and the neckline. In the end, a buttonband and buttons are added to the front pieces.

We’re planning to release a knitting pattern for this vest soon. But as the pattern writing, the grading and the whole test knitting process takes a lot of work and time, it may take a few months until it is ready for publishing.

Green Cycling Sweater on a dress form

Nany is also presenting an 1890s design, inspired by the famous Cycling Jumper (see below), a knitted bodice with ribbed details and huge leg-of-mutton sleeves. Nany’s interpretation of this features a lot of cable and moss stitch details.

In this Podcast, she talks about the origin of Cycling Sweaters and some interesting historical facts that go with it. Nany has also published a YouTube video about the jumper on her own channel. Do check it out!

Work in Progress

Detail short of beginning a knit piece

Clara is working on her next design piece – a jumper with puffed sleeves. Compared with the bicycle sweater that has gigantic sleeves, Clara’s design is a more toned-down version, suitable for everyday use.

Both the bodice and the sleeves are knit from the bottom up, featuring a pointed hem in the front in a 1:1 ribbing. Everything is knit in the round, then joined together just under the bust and knit further up in a raglan decrease.

The cable-like pattern that was used for the vest was adopted as the main pattern for the jumper.

Like for the vest, a pattern release is planned for this design. Stay tuned!

Detail of a Fair Isle knitting pattern

Nany is currently working on a so-called Temperature Sweater. The concept is based on knitted or chrocheted Temperature Blankets. Here, one row of the blanket is worked in a certain color, depending on the temperature of the current day. When finished, you have a blanket with a beautiful color gradient.

Nany has transformed this concept and applied it to a sweater. At the same time, she turned the design into a Fair Isle pattern inspired by Valencienne lace. Thus, the gradient of the temperature display alternates with the lace motifs.

From the Archives

Red scarf draped on a dress form

Clara is wearing the Sommarvästen 2021 by the Swedish designer, author and photographer Maja Karlsson. She kindly offers the pattern for free on her Ravelry page!

While the original design has quite a boxy shape, Clara changed the pattern a bit to make it more fitted around the waist.

It was a very easy and pleasant knit with a lovely lace pattern in the front and she highly recommends it.

Nany is showing you her first knitting piece, a bright red scarf knit in garter stitch. Considering this is her first try at knitting, she really managed to get the tension right!


We take you on a little trip to Merode Castle in Langerwehe, Germany. A British market was organized on these grounds, the so called British Flair.

While the weather was unfortunately very rainy and cold – typically British – visiting the market along the castle grounds was a nice experience. You could have a look at beautiful vintage cars, watch stagings with birds of prey, sheep and herding dogs and eat very delicious British scones with clotted cream.

Many thanks to the organizers for allowing us to film our small Vlog there and to publish it here!

Tower of Merode Castle
Detail of antique bell hanging on a brick wall
Detail shot of inside of a Mercedes oldtimer
Portrait of a grazing alpaca
Front shot of flying eagle



Six Musical Moments, D. 780 – III. Allegro moderato in F minor” by Franz Schubert, performed by Edward Rosser, licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0

“Folk Round“ by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under „Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)”,


Waschkueche Regular” by Peter Wiegel is licensed under CC BY-ND 3.0 / Colour and size is slightly modified from original.

Further Reading

Ankany: “A Cycling Sweater, but make it Aran”,


Have a look at our other historical sewing projects.

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